You probably know that your business website is your portal to the online community and much like a bricks and mortar store, your website says a lot about you and your business. The design and content need to be top-notch if you are going to compete with your many rivals. Let’s not forget that it is all about the user experience (UX) when thinking web design.

Here are a few tips from the pros to help you create the best digital platform to boost your growth:

Create Engaging Content

Language is a very powerful tool and with pro web content writers, you have the perfect solution. Grammatically correct with no spelling errors doesn’t engage; it is, however, a sign of professionalism. How did you feel the last time you saw mistakes on a website? It simply doesn’t inspire. Your homepage should impact the new visitor, using state of the art graphics, with clear, concise language to introduce your organisation.

Appealing Design

For a one-stop pro website solution, the award-winning digital marketing agencies in Cardiff or in your area would have a team of web design experts and they can create a digital brand that people can identify with. If you already have company colours, they should form the foundation of the site, with your logo to one side. Of course, the design depends on the type of business you run. A funeral director would not have bright colours, while selling kids’ art suppliers would demand rich colour with explosive graphics; a health food e-store would have bamboo and dried grass backdrop images, with the focus on nature, of course. Greens and browns would be ideal for anything eco-friendly or connected with nature, while cobalt and grey are perfect for tech-related websites.

It’s All About Interaction

You can have a live chatbox on your digital platform, where users can interact with a real-life staff member via text. Automated responses are no longer in favour. There are 3rd party providers who can manage your user interaction, ensuring you are always positive and upbeat in your communication.


Some would say that building links is the key to a busy platform and we’d have to agree; outreach blogging enables you to put out 100s of inbound links, which are inserted into pro blogs and posted on the top blogging platforms. If you would like to learn how links can boost your business, talk to a leading web marketing outfit and they can help you design a strategy. This is one technique of digital marketing and it does drive traffic to the target URL.


When looking at web-hosting packages, always opt for their top bandwidth, as this will ensure lightning-fast page loading. Those hi-res images and video clips can be bulky and that impacts load time. When a user comes across a lagging site, they are gone, never to return.

Spending time on web design pays big dividends and you can’t achieve the desired platform without the help of a top web designer.


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