Google’s Grants program is designed to help nonprofits with their mission of making the world a better place. The Google Ads Grant program provides funding to eligible nonprofit organisations that have been accepted into the program, which helps them focus on their mission instead of spending time and resources on managing ads for their organisation.

Google Ads Grants are Google’s way of giving back to the community by providing advertising funds for nonprofits, up to $10,000 per month, to use Google AdWords. Google awards grants on a quarterly basis based on the organisation’s eligibility and performance in Google Advertising Grants program.

How To Apply For A Grant

Google accepts applications from:

  • Google Grants members
  • Google for Nonprofits members
  • Google Online Marketing Challenge participants

Google requires that nonprofits using the Google Ads Grant meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Have been in operation for at least two years.
  • Be in good standing with Google Ads and Google for Nonprofits (if applicable).
  • If you are applying through Google for Nonprofits, your organisation should be compatible with Google’s mission and should not promote hate speech or violence, or engage in dangerous practices. Google recommends that your Google for Nonprofits account be managed by at least one person who will be closely involved with Google Grants and Google Ads.
  • Have an active website that includes contact information (address, phone number, email address) and has a ‘Contact Us’ page where visitors can submit questions or requests. Google also recommends that the website should have a privacy policy and user terms and conditions page.


Why Google Ads Grants Can Help Your Nonprofit Organisation

Google Grants are Google’s way of supporting nonprofits by providing Google Ad Grant funds, and it gives your organisation access to free Google AdWords advertising. With Google Ads, nonprofits can increase website traffic and leads, at no cost to them.

Google Ads offer a variety of options for nonprofits who want to make a difference with digital marketing:

  • Targeted Display ads can reach Google users who are looking for nonprofits like yours. Google Ads’ broad inventory of display ads has helped many organisations increase their online visibility and drive more website traffic.
  • Video ads help nonprofits promote their cause in a short animated video format. Nonprofits have the option to select pre-made videos covering different

How To Write An Effective Application?

Google recommends that you take time to review Google’s eligibility requirements and Google Ads Grant Program agreement before applying. Google says that it does not accept incomplete or late applications.

If your organisation has Google for Nonprofits, Google requires that the same person who manages your Google for Nonprofits account also manages your Google Grants account. Google would like to ensure consistency between Google Ads and Google for Nonprofits accounts. Google recommends including a Google Grants manager in your Google for Nonprofits team so they can share Google Grants best practices with other members of your team.

Google says that applicants should describe how Google Ads would help their organisation achieve its goals, what milestones would be reached if the Google Ads Grant were approved, and what Google Ads success metrics your organisation would be measured on. Google requires that all Google Grants accounts have users who are responsible for the account and Google Ads results, plus Google recommends that organisations have at least one person manage Google Grants full-time.

Google also recommends that you include Google Ads account access information in your application, so Google can verify google Ads account access. Google asks that at least one person manages the Google Grants account full-time. Google requires that all Google Grants account managers must be active google Ads users for at least 30 days. Google recommends that Google Grants account managers have Google AdWords certification or equivalent experience, and Google also requests that Google Ads account managers have the ability to create Google Ads campaigns on their own.

Organisations are required to use Google’s brand assets when promoting Google Ads products on their website, in print materials, or in Google Grants Google Ads assets. Google offers Google Ads assets that can be used for this purpose. Google requests that organisations do not include Google’s logo in any Google Ads assets you use, but instead, use the Google ‘wrench’ logo or another approved Google brand asset available for download to all Google Grants users on the Google Ads Grants and Google Ad Grants Google+ pages.

Google requires that Google Ads account owners complete Google Ads certification, which is available for download or has equivalent experience. Google recommends that Google Grants account managers have the ability to create Google Ads campaigns on their own and maintain the Google Ads account using Google best practices. You will want to approach a specialist on Google Ads Grants for Nonprofits to help you with the entire process.

Nonprofit organisations often need additional funding sources to support their missions. Google Ads Grants can help provide nonprofit organisations with the funds they need for programs and services, such as improving literacy rates in rural communities or providing food assistance to those living in poverty. Nonprofits of all sizes and types are eligible for a grant from Google, and it’s free to apply!

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